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Giving your life to Jesus Christ is truly a life-changing experience! Each of us have watched that joy change our lives and the lives of those around us. In Contagious our Life Groups are going to focus on the life-changes recorded in the Book of Acts.  Some were dramatic while others came quietly, but life transformation was at the heart of each one. We hope you will join a Life Group in this study that begins the week of Sunday, April 8.  

We are made for connection, belonging and relationship!  That's the reason CCCH thinks you should be in a Life Group!

The Christian life was never intended to be lived out alone.  It's just hard to get any traction without the help of others, so CCCH's Life Groups are places where you can get the help of fellow travelers as you grow closer to our Lord.  They are safe places where beginners and long timers can practice the Christian faith together. 

Never been in a Life Group?

The organization of a Life Group is pretty simple.  Life Groups normally meet once per week at a time and place convenient for the group.  We have all kinds of groups from 3 or 4 to 25 and they meet in homes, coffee shops, at the church and even on the phone.  Anyone can start a Life Group and we would be pleased to work with you in accomplishing that goal. 

Want to know more?

Contact the CCCH office at 630-323-3456.

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Welcome to INSOMNIA Is the habitual sleeplessness; the inability to obtain sufficient sleep; difficulty in falling or staying asleep, Restless; tossing and turning all night long.

Welcome to Insomnia; What keeps you awake at night? A 5-week sermon and life group series to help us not only sleep better; but to live life better with less stress.

The business of sleep is big business topping $50 Billion dollars in 2017 which includes everything from pills, products and medical devices to “sleep consultants”, hospitals, labs, sleep centers, luxe mattresses, bedding, pillows, aroma therapy candles, and the list goes on.

Are these businesses onto something? Many of us still don’t sleep soundly no matter what we have tried.

Over the next 5 weeks we will be talking about 5 key areas that often keep us up at night. What can we do about them? We will dive into God’s word and what God has to say about these Key areas that we really need to turn over to him and in so doing we can stop counting sheep. Finally we can get the rest we need to be rejuvenated and ready to face the world each and every day. So please join me on Sunday mornings and by participating in a Life Group.


Table of Contents

April 8: My Purpose 
Week One Lesson

April 15: Anger
Week Two Lesson

April 22: The Future
Week Three Lesson

April 29: Regret

May 6: My Family