CCCH Life Groups



COMING SOON...MIRACULOUS!   Starting September 24

Never been in a Life Group?

The Christian life was never intended to be lived out alone. In fact, the New Testament is full of encouragement and examples for living out our faith in community where we find direction and support for Christian living. CCCH’s Life Groups are a place where you can build friendships while growing closer to our Lord. They are safe places where believers and seekers can practice the Christian faith with the support of others traveling the same path.

The organization of a Life Group is pretty simple. Life Groups normally meet once per week at a time and place convenient for the group. They spend 60-90 minutes in study, discussion and prayer. They take on all kinds of forms from groups of 3-4 to groups of 25-30. While most gather in homes during the week, some of our groups meet by phone and others meet at CCCH on Sunday mornings and other times. Anyone can start a Life Group and we would be pleased to work with you in doing that and in providing support as the Life Group develops.

Want to know more?

Contact J.K. Stevens: or 630-323-3456.