Giving Statements

We know that many of you will want printed giving statements for tax purposes. You can obtain this at any time off of the church's secure website by following these steps:

1. Login to CCCH Online. If you do not have a login ID and password please call the church office to request that information.
2. Once in CCCH Online, look for and click on the "Give" tab at the left side of the page.
3. Once on the "Give" page, look for and click on "My Giving Statement" at the right side of the page.
4. At this point you will be asked to provide the date range for the statement; click on the drop down box that says "Quick Date Range" and select "last year." At the bottom of this box click on "Create" and a return will be generated that you can print off for your own use.

Should you need help accessing and obtaining your giving statement please call or email Registrar Debbie Hale, 630-323-3456. If you would prefer that we send a printed statement to you that can be requested through Debbie as well.

Thank you for being such a generous church for the Lord's great purposes!

J.K. Stevens, Executive Minister