GriefShare is a group where participants learn valuable information that will help them through the greiving process. Each week covers a different topic related to sadness and loss. Child care is available with advance notice. A small fee of $14.00 covers the workbook. Contact Family Ministry Director Marilyn Bourn at 630-323-3456 for information.

You are welcome to begin attending our GriefShare group at any point. Each session is "self-contained," so you do not have to attend in sequence. You will be able to pick up any session you missed in our next 13-week cycle.

Weekly Seminar Topics

Session 1: Is This Normal?

Session 2: Challenges of Grief

Session 3: The Journey of Grief – Part One

Session 4: The Journey of Grief – Part Two

Session 5: Grief and Your Relationships

Session 6: Why?

Session 7: Guilt and Anger

Session 8: Complicating Factors

Session 9: Stuck

Session  10: Lessons of Grief – Part One

Session 11: Lessons of Grief – Part Two

Session 12: Heaven

Session 13: What do I Live for Now?