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2018-2019 MOPS Registration Fee: $81.95

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Membership: an invitation into the mother of all mom movements.

Our Membership community unites moms all around the world and helps you become more confident in your mothering, relationships and identity. It gives you all the tools you need to make this mothering season the most invigorating + redemptive + fun for you and your family.

Breakdown of MOPS Registration Fee: Membership is just $31.95 for the entire year. Here's what you get when you get when you join our community:

Membership Kit… One of the first ways we welcome you into the year is with a gift, which includes an incredible Giving Keys necklace, a print for your home or office, a lullaby CD from JJ Heller, and other tidbits of encouragement to usher in an incredible year ahead. (It matches our annual theme and is delivered righty to your doorstep!)

Weekly Videos… We've brought in experts to share advice on the things you care about most... Every. Single. Week. They are short, sweet and insightful. We will share fresh perspectives on mothering, finances, sex, work, technology, marriage, faith and health, just to name a few.

Access To Collectives … Exclusive digital access to select Collectives (which are 6-week gatherings on a specific topic. Learn more here.) Look for our newest addition released in spring 2018!

Text Message Pep Talks… Oftentimes, when we receive a text it's because someone needs something from us. This isn't like that at all - we just want to drop in to let you know we're rooting you on.

Quarterly Digital Benefits… Because we like to give you things to make you feel more alive, more equipped and more empowered.

Global Sisterhood… Make a difference for moms around the globe. Support and connect with a sisterhood that spans worldwide in over 40 countries.

Plus a Few Surprises…


Meeting Fees $50  This fee helps defray costs associated with speakers, crafts and other expenses.


Mentor Registration - Are you a mentor? We have a membership just for you!  Registration for MOPS International is $33.95. This entire amount gets sent to MOPS and includes everything mentioned above and a book written especially for MOPS mentors.