MOPS Registration Info

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2017-2018 MOPS Registration Fee: $61.95

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Breakdown of MOPS Registration Fee:

  1. MOPS Membership – Membership for MOPS International is $31.95 for the entire year.  We like to think about the benefits of Membership in 3 parts that make it priceless: the community, the kit, and the encouragement.

The Community …

  • Invitation to the mother-of-all mom meetups: MOPS groups (more than 4,000 meetings worldwide!)
  • Exclusive discounts to the world’s greatest mothering conference –MOMcon
  • Access to select live-streaming MOMcon sessions
  • An opportunity to support Global MOPS groups, meeting in more than 40 countries around the world.

The Kit …

  • A guidebook to help transform your year
  • Postcards and prints to spread some love
  • A small jewelry item that matches our annual theme
  • Plenty of other surprises that’ll cause spontaneous smiles

Some Encouragement …

  • An annual subscription to The MOPS Magazine, delivered right to your doorstep each quarter
  • Weekly emails on what moms are talking about – parenting, womanhood, sex, marriage and so much more
  • Exclusive downloads from our favorite artists, authors, boss-moms, and culture influencers


  1. Meeting Fees$30 for the rest of the year.  This fee helps defray costs associated with speakers, crafts and other expenses.


Mentor Registration - Are you a mentor? We have a membership just for you!  Registration for MOPS International is $33.95. This entire amount gets sent to MOPS and includes everything mentioned above and a book written especially for MOPS mentors.