Q & A with Kyle Isabelli

You have been in student ministry about 7 years now.  What is your favorite experience so far?

Over the years, I have loved seeing students who have invited their friends to youth group, an event, or a camp and get the opportunity to lead them to Jesus. There is nothing greater in student ministry for me to see students who we are discipling start to disciple their friends and lead them to Jesus.

What excites you the most about starting up student ministry at CCCH this fall?

I can't wait to get to see students on a consistent, weekly basis! With crazy summer schedules, I know families are in and out of town. So, once the fall kicks off, I know our students will be back and it will give me some great opportunities to get to know the many students and families at CCCH.

How would you describe the role the new student ministry center will play in expanding our student ministry?

The Student Center will give us an opportunity to create unique environments and programs that are engaging to students no matter where they are at on their spiritual journey. Having a dedicated student space will give our students the desire to want to invite their friends so that they can experience Jesus in new, exciting, and refreshing ways!

What do you think is the most important thing for parents to be doing with their children during these last weeks of summer?

When school starts things get busy, especially here in the western suburbs. So, as a parent, spend some quality time with your family before the summer ends. Whether it is at home, out at an activity, or just on a walk together, schedule it in now before the school schedule kicks in to high gear.

What do you and Maria enjoy doing the most with your young children right now?

Maria and I love being outside with Nora and Max. As a two year old, Nora loves playing and running in our backyard and at 9 months, Max is starting to crawl. So, getting a blanket down and letting him go is fun to see. We also love taking walks around our neighborhood and enjoying all the scenic views and beautiful weather. 

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