Sunshine Gospel Christmas Store


For the past few years CCCH has had the joy of partnering with Sunshine Gospel on their Christmas Store. The Sunshine Christmas Store is an annual opportunity to empower low-income families who otherwise may not have been able to afford quality Christmas gifts for their children. We have found that the Christmas Store outreach is a way to help our families celebrate the joy of the season through gift giving despite their financial difficulties.

Here is how it works: Your donations of new items (clothing, books, toys, household items, etc) give them the opportunity to set up a “store”. Sunshine Gospel invites the families of children in their youth programs to attend. They have a great day of fellowship and prayer and treats and parents are allowed to shop at this store. They calculate the suggested retail price of the donations and then charge the parents $0.25 cents on the dollar. This allows families to purchase gifts that they otherwise could not afford. 

The main goal is to share the love of Jesus Christ and the gift of salvation that He offers to the world through word and deed that day. At the end of the day, Sunshine Gospel takes the income from the store and identifies a few families in their community that have a critical financial need. In this way, your donation to their Christmas outreach really is a gift that gives twice! 

The Sunshine Gospel Christmas Store is just one of the many ways God has given us to show Christ’s love in a tangible way. Instead of a traditional Christmas outreach, which would involve us, or you, being at the center in the role of giver, we want to affirm and empower these parents to fill that dignifying role for their family.

This is made possible through CCCH's generous support! Sunshine Gospel is asking for new, unwrapped items for our store. We only ask that the gifts reflect sensitivity toward the African-American community we serve and that each donation would cost no more than 50 dollars. To make it even easier, they have an Amazon List and Target registry set up online if you prefer to partner with us that way. 

Amazon List         Target Registry 


Important Dates:
CCCH Foyer Collection: Sunday, November 26 & December 3
Volunteers to Deliver Toys: Friday, Dec 8


More information is available
by contacting Mary Woolsey.


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